University Fee & International School fee Saving Plans

Every parent ultimately wants to provide the very best opportunities for their children and of all the benefits you can provide, the one that is the most beneficial, with a truly lasting value - is a good education.

Today's world is increasingly competitive and securing a good career is increasingly difficult, which is why it is absolutely imperative to provide your child with the best possible education to give them every chance in succeeding.

Regardless of where you are in the world, the price of a premium education can be extremely high, and if you have more than one child, schooling fees and university fees can often cost in excess of $500,000 USD and ( An average four year university course with accommodation costs in the US, Switzerland or the UK will cost $250,000 USD per child) with continually increasing university fees and a whole host of associated expenses, that come with university life- such as accommodation, food, heating, hot water and money for equipment, visas and travel, it is imperative that we take responsibility as early as possible to ensure we have sufficient funds for the education our children deserve. Many of our clients our unsure, If education fee planning is something that need to think about, but the earlier we start planning for a children's education fees, then the easier it is to cover the ever increasing costs.

If we were to ask you:

Do you want your children to be able to enjoy the best educational opportunities?


Do you want your children to be free from struggling to pay off university debts, for many years after the completion of their education?

The answer would be, Yes.

Therefore regardless of whether your child is 6 months old or 8 years old- now is the time to realise that education fees planning and making provisions to cover ever increasing university fees, is vital. People who benefit from a quality education, subsequently do well at university and ultimately they frequently become high earners.

We will help you to put your children's education fees planning into place. We will ensure you have completely independent and impartial advice and that you have the highest levels of flexibility, accessibility and efficiency possible within your savings plan.

We can provide education fee planning advice, in addition to Wealth Management advice and we can ensure that you are making all the right financial decisions in order to provide your children with a quality, internationally recognised education.